Learning Language Seminars and Intercultural Coaching at flexible rates & reasonable schedules

We offer unique Chinese language programs in order to establish and enhance cultural and business exchanges between China and the rest of the world. It is our mission is to bridge the communication gap between people of different languages backgrounds, nations, and cultures.

Meet Individual Student Needs

We customize the content, training schedule and teaching methods of the language and business internship programs to meet the needs of each student and corporate client. Our professional staff and teachers are enthusiastic in helping students meet their individual goals.

Provide Professional and Qualified Teachers

We carefully select language instructors and maintain a regular on the job training system for the instructors to ensure high teaching standards. All of our instructors have college degrees in either Chinese or in education and they all have years of experience in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Use Advanced Training Methods

Our Center places strong emphasis on practical skills. About 70 percent of the class time is concentrated on speaking and listening comprehension, role-playing, group activities and vocabulary games. In order to enhance our students' conversational skills in real life environments, our center often schedules more than one instructor for group or private classes.

All our Seminars and Intercultural Coaching are business specific and have a strong team coaching component. Speaking a common language such as English does not by itself guarantee effective communication. It is also important to be aware of the different behaviour, attitudes and values of people from different cultures.

Our workshops are not briefings or lectures about culture, but rather intensive experiential activities fully involving participants in order to create conditions for them to experience, and hence understand at a deeper level, different cultural dimensions, and to facilitate their learning in finding solutions to difficult situations. Workshop leaders or trainers are not lecturers, but rather mentors, counsellors, coaches or facilitators who help participants in their own exploration and learning. This involves team building and group work with debriefing discussions. Activities in our workshops include:

  • Perception: examining the relationship between perception and values
  • Value Orientations - exploring one's and others' value systems
  • Observation: Observation skills as distinct from evaluation
  • Critical Incidents: Discussion on expected reaction of diverse cultures in mini scenarios
  • Models to understanding cultural differences
  • Simulations & Role-plays around business decision-making and negotiation, process-mapping
  • Conflict Resolution: ways to mediate conflicts from intercultural point of view
  • Communication: Rules and roles, messages & media, hot & cool, analogue & digital
  • Organisations: organising principles - different structures, 'glocal mesh' issues
  • Team-building activities, situation-specific case studies, and action research tasks
  • With our coaching you will learn how much importance you should attach to intercultural and economic differences and how you can build lasting business relations in China.

Exchange rates

cn 1 CNY = CZK
eu 1 EUR = CZK
us 1 USD = CZK

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Updated: 30. 03. 2023

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