Our Feasibility and Market Studies provide clients with an opportunity to assess the validity of their assumptions and conduct theoretical experiments with different models, before committing larger amounts of resources to a project.

Our Market Studies are tailored to the needs of clients considering entrance to the Chinese market or wishing to refine their current China strategy. We typically cover the following topics:

  • Role of industry authorities
  • Market size divided by region, product type, and competition
  • Common market prices
  • Competitors in the market
  • Buyers
  • Opportunities and threats for the client
  • Project description, background and rationale
  • SWOT analysis and strategic options
  • Strategy
  • Product scope and production capacity
  • Plant and facility design
  • Organisation and management
  • Overall plan for sales and distribution
  • Assessment of environment impact
  • Budgets for first years of operation

An abbreviated version of the Feasibility Study report can be prepared for the Chinese authorities, and might serve as one of several documents required to obtain a business license in China. We can develop Business Plans for existing enterprises as the basis for future improvement or restructuring, too.

Exchange rates

cn 1 CNY = CZK
eu 1 EUR = CZK
us 1 USD = CZK

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Updated: 30. 03. 2023

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